Enthusiast Group (AEG)


The Arisaema Enthusiasts Group (AEG) is a worldwide organization sharinginformation, seed, tubers, etc.  There is an online membership list, but you need the password to access it (it is the same as for the literature access).

The price for joining is to send three things:

1. A list of your collection of A. species with numbers of plants
in each of the categories below:

The categories are mutually exclusive. So, a plant that set seed, must have bloomed, and must be mature, but it is only listed once as "set seed".

PLEASE include number of plants for each species in each category and SORT by SPECIES NAME. It saves me a lot of effort.

2. Your hardiness zone.

3. Your e-mail address.

4. Your snail-mail address. Seed don't travel the internet too well.

On request we will send you a password for the Memberhip list and for the Literature list, where you can find over hundred articles in PDF format. If you have articles you want to share with other members, not listed yet, please send me the file.

We have a discussion list, Arisaema-L, for members. The list is principally for information on Arisaema, but includes other hardy aroids from Arum to Zantedeschia.

AEG supports 2 Arisaema web pages:

and also provided a web site for identifying Arisaema species (this is now included in the Gallery)

and several other Arisaema sites run by members are linked to the Arisaema page.

We have done seed distributions for AEG for nearly twenty years. In 1999 we distributed 14818 seed of 27 species to 114 members worldwide. Current membership is about 250 from over 24 countries worldwide.

If you will have seed to share, or if you want to join please send a message to:

University Utrecht Botanic Gardens
att. Drs. Eric J. Gouda (AEG)
Budapestlaan 17
3584 CD Utrecht
The Netherlands

Eric is currently managing the seed distribution as well as the membership administration that was formerly done by Ray Stilwell for many years and we want to thank him on behalf of the AEG members for all the work he has done during all these years.

The cost of running AEG is born by voluntary member donations, usually after each seed distribution. They've been running from 15 to 25 euro per member/year.

Last modified: 19-08-2022 by Eric Gouda