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This page can be used to put images of your unidentified species of Arisaema for discussion and review by specialists on the Internet. Additions will be published on Arisaema-L discussion list. Images, slides, photos of fertile plants are preferable including as much origin information as possible and can be sent to the Utrecht University Botanic Gardens (P.O.Box 80.162, NL-3508 TD Utrecht, The Netherlands). Replies about the images will be published as part of this page.

We (AEG) keep a list of identifications of the Kaichen (Chen Yi) and Tamang material (because of the many errors).

  1. Arisaema spec.#3 (det.: Arisaema fargesii) A slide taken in the Botanic Garden in the Rock Garden by Wiert Nieuman, no information was recorded for the slide and it is not clear if it is still in the collection. [see replies]
  2. unknown #6 (Kaichen#6, det.:Arisaema bathycoleum) from Marc Hachadourian: The anthers are a dark brown/red color, the leaf and the flower branch low on the plant only 1-2cm from the ground ang the whole plant is only about 18-20 cm high. [see replies]
  3. Arisaema cf. concinnum (det.: Arisaema consanguineum) Brickell & Leslie 12583, 23 Oct 1987, China, Yunnan,road to Hua Dian Ba. (tubers from RBGE). [see replies]
  4. Arisaema cf. ternatipartitum, habit, female spadix, male spadix. Japan, Mt. Usukine, Tokio. Seeds received from Metr.Medic.Pl., Tokio, Japan. This one looks like a A.triphyllum?! [see replies]
  5. unknown #2 (det: Arisaema propinquum) from Greg Ruckert (This came in as a putative new species from Madan Tamang so there could not hope to be any details.) [see replies]
  6. Kunming spec. (det.: Typhonium horsfieldii??)  by Herman van Beusekom,   specimen from Kaichen as Arisaema saxatile. Probably not Arisaema, it maybe a Typhonium spec.?: . [see replies]
  7. an other Kaichen Arisaema #6 , b (size), c (leaf): from   Diane Whitehead (not the same as number 2) [see replies]
  8. Arisaema spec.#8 , b (flower detail) from Diane Whitehead: I bought two Kaichen Arisaema candidissimum, and they both are actually this plant. [see replies]
  9. Arisaema Bhutan 2, Bhutan 3 (det.: Arisaema dilatatum?) from Anne Chambers (18 Apr 1999) Altitude was about 3000m in north-east Bhutan, date was early June.  [see replies]
  10. Arisaema Du-bois-reymondiae = Chen Yi A-24 (A.egleri), photo serie from Sue Zunino
  11. Arisaema erubescens = Chen Yi A-37 , photo serie -1, -2, -3, -4 from Sue Zunino [see replies]
  12. Arisaema cf. engleri = Chen Yi A-77 from Daniel Hanspach
  13. One of those Kaichen specimen: A-28 (det: Arisaema engleri.) from: Bonaventure Magrys magrysbo@shu.edu (3 Nov 2000).
  14. Arisaema cf. ciliatum (det. Arisaema formosanum) from Yunnan, grown by Diane Clement (Date: 3 Jun 2001)
  15. Arisaema cf. wilsonii from Kaichen A-17 (29 Apr 2003)
  16. Arisaema cf. asperatum from Kaichen A-10 (8 May 2003)
  17. Arisaema cf. asperatum from Bjørnar Olsen, Kaichen A-70 (25 May 2003)
  18. Arisaema cf. dahaiense from Bjørnar Olsen, Kaichen A-114 (25 May 2003) [det. Arisaema dahaiense]
  19. Kaichen Nurseries last year (2003) as species (1) A-06 (and A-02 from Chen Yi in 1998) [det. Arisaema elephas]
  20. Arisaema from Jacques Amand as A. griffithii. From: "tony willis" <a.j.willis@talk21.com> [det. Arisaema intermedium]
  21. Arisaema cf. kuratae from Harry Ronken

  22. Arisaema  from Potterton & Martin inserted june 2005

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